International Administration Services (International projects)

The fact is that Montenegro has become an attractive location for foreign investments, especially in the field of tourism and real estate.

For this reason, we have come to the conclusion that our decennial expertise, as well as cooperation with local institutions and knowledge of bureaucratic regulations, can be offered to legal or natural persons who want to operate on our market.

Our expertise and experience in the field of administration finance and law are at disposal to foreign clients. In this way we provide support from the first steps of establishing and registering the company until we enter the market by jointly navigating through the local system.

We take all the concerns about the procedures and preparation of documentation, work and residence permits, opening and administering bank accounts, bookkeeping services and all other processes necessary for the start of work in Montenegro. By saving time and money, we allow you to devote yourself to what is really important – the development of your business.

All legal regulations pertaining to the establishment, operation and tax system (LLC and JSC) are harmonized according to European standards with favorable interest for foreign investors in order to increase the number of foreign investors.

  • Company registration
  • Work and residence permits
  • Bookkeeping

The first step for every business is the company registration in the Central Registry of Montenegro. We take on this obligation on our own – it is only you to provide us with the necessary information: name and address of the company’s headquarters, information for the founder and company director and the activities that the company will deal with.

After that, our team prepares all necessary documentation required for registration. Your presence is necessary due to the signing and certification of notaries, and you organize your arrival when all the preparations are ready.

In the end, you get everything you need to start a business in Montenegro:
  • The company's founding Decision
  • Company registration number
  • The Act of Association
  • The TIN
  • The VAT
  • The customs number
  • Seal
  • Open account in the bank
  • Foreign currency account

Residence in Montenegro can be up to 90 days, temporary or permanent. A residence permit can be obtained on several grounds: based on employment or seasonal work (which can be subsequently extended), marriage with a Montenegrin citizen, family reunification, education, treatment, property ownership, etc. Permanent residence is issued to persons who have a stay in Montenegro for 5 years continuously.

The documentation required for obtaining work and residence permits includes evidence of the means of subsistence (invoices, proof of personal income in the last 3 months, offer of the employer in a written form), evidence of secured accommodation, a medical certificate issued by the competent institution, a certificate from the Institute for the employment of Montenegro that there are no unemployed persons in the records that meet the conditions for this position…

Lack of legally prescribed documents entails high fines and other penalties. We can provide you with all the necessary documentation, and our experience in this field guarantees that everything will be completed timely and precisely.

Good bookkeeping is the basis of every company. The main benefit of our bookkeeping service is that we tailor it to each client separately, so in this way successful cooperation is guaranteed regardless of the activity of your business. With us you will no longer have to worry about financial, tax and managerial accounting, with the mandatory compliance with International Accounting Standards.

We will help you with: accurate collection of data on all changes in the business and their chronological recording, the preparation of financial statements and VAT records, data on salaries, wages and contributions, creation of OPJ and M4 forms .

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