Advanced Sales skills and Sales tools

Each day, every week, every month, one question is just above our heads! We depend on it and it determines our destiny – How much have we sold!? All concepts and all segments of our companies depend solely on the success of our sales force. Sales drive us, but it stops us. We had a profit or not and that is the ultimate truth of our company!

We know that there are a number of factors determining successful sales (quality of our products, prices, distribution channels, promotion, market demand, etc.), but we also know that the same product someone sells better, someone worse, someone else more or someone less.

The goal of the seminar is to contribute in creating the top-level sellers, people who are able to sell the same product or service more than others and who know how to acquire new customers.

What will the trainees learn at the seminar?

  • What driving motives are as a competitive advantage in sales?
  • How to effectively adjust the sales approach to different types of customers?
  • What are the tools for effective neutralization of serious complaints?
  • How to effectively complete the sale?

What are the thematic areas? Download PDF

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