Trainings / Coaching

What is RISE UP?

RISE UP is a training center for the development of business skills within the company HR Partners. By using the internal resources, and in cooperation with leading consultancies in the region, we organize and implement: (1) trainings, (2) lectures, (3) workshops and (4) seminars where employees develop skills, become more competitive, and make progress in their careers faster.

The business executives and company owners direct their employees to our programs with full confidence, and for a good reason: your staff will return from the training more motivated, professional, competent, and ready to follow you – and eventually become partners in the development of your ideas.

People make it happen!



Things are in fact quite simple. You are in business when you provide solutions – and you provide solutions when you have the knowledge and skills. To be able to focus on your main tasks, it is necessary to delegate the transfer of knowledge and skills to the companies specialized in education and training, just like all the professionally organized companies do.

That is why Rise Up training center exists: we are state-of-the-art training center in Montenegro, where your employees can use our already established education and training programs, or engage in the new ones, which we will create according to your requirements.

Whatever you want: training, lecture, seminar, workshops - professional (technical) knowledge, or soft skills. Our job is to train, transfer the knowledge and skills, and find those who are the best in doing that.


Modern managers carry a heavy burden: you need to plan strategically and stay committed to the goals, while closely monitoring daily tasks, activities and progress of your team. Our coaching services can do a great deal to help you strike the right balance. Coaching is proved as a successful process of working with a coach, who leads you towards personal empowerment and provides support in achieving top business results. Applied to the work of the whole organization, coaching helps turn the company into a more dynamic and happier place to work. Our agency offers several types of coaching services.