Staff Leasing

Possibility of outsourcing employees gives you the opportunity to reduce administrative costs by giving our company the role of formal employer that contracts your staff. We take care of HR and legal processes in accordance with your needs, so that your focus can be directed towards the business development. You get flexibility, and the employees get guaranteed rights and rapid response in case of any worries and ambiguities related to work. This service can be provided externally, meaning that we would handle the work from our premises – through the use of advanced software solutions – and occasionally, when and if needed, visit your company. Alternately, all the work related to staff leasing can be done at your offices, by one of our agents. As always, we will adapt to your business model.

Staff Leasing - Administration

Would it not be great to know that the administration of your employees is in good hands and therefore you can comfortably devote your energy to your business users? If you would rather focus on the development of services and products, and communication with clients, our agency can completely take over the legal, HR, and accounting work and become a formal employer, contracting your workers. This way of doing business allows flexibility and quick adaptation to market changes – you may increase or decrease the number of employees in a short period of time, in accordance with your current needs. Therefore, hundreds of our clients are satisfied to benefit from this service. Whether it is a temporary or long-term employment, the number of clients is constantly growing. The ideal solution: you get everything you need and significantly reduce costs, while we take care of employees’ satisfaction, and administration - whereby we entirely adapt to your way of doing business.

On-Site Management

Do you want the agency employees to be at your premises to provide additional control and organize all processes relating to employees? Our company is currently the only one on the market that can meet your needs in due time. Territorial distribution gives us the advantage – our employees will regularly visit your company and take care of needs of your staff and of administration that follows business processes, and will also improve their work in accordance with your needs. If you wish, this service can also include recruitment and selection, which would make the employment process complete – from finding adequate workers to completing administration.

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