Hospitality Recruitment

Hospitality Recruitment

Hospitality recruitment is intended for all catering facilities who need staff that can provide their guests a 5* level service. We offer a solution and partnership in the recruitment and selection of tourist-hospitality staff according to European / high standards. More than ten years of experience and more than fifty thousand candidates with experienced team of recruiters are a guarantee of quality of service. Working consistently, using a proven methodology, allows us to provide exceptional service in a timely manner.

Our Recruitment and Selection Activities are not limited to but include the following: Client Requirements & need analysis; Research & identification; Candidate Interviews & evaluation; Reference Checks; Assessments/Testing; Final Selection; Follow Up.


When it would be best to use our services?

  • When you want to decrease your costs and increase your results
  • When you have a staff deficit
  • When you need a suitably qualified and experienced staff from all over the Balkans at affordable prices
  • When you want to find great candidates who will stay with you
  • When you want to save time within the recruitment and selection process
  • When you want to build a long-term partnership with experienced HR company

Our references

  • 10+ years of experience in hotel and tourist industry 
  • Team of 10 experienced and professional recruiters
  • Network of more than 30 external associates from all over the Balkans
  • Extensive and expansive database
  • Availability for our clients through our representative offices in all Balkan region as well as in EU (Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Projects that we are proud of:

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Our goal is to build a long-term relationship based on providing our clients with a strong human resource value. All our recruitment and selection efforts are geared towards offering skilled, experienced and most importantly personnel that are the right 'fit' for your organization.

Let us find the perfect candidate for you!

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