HR IT Solutions

To what extent are the tools you use for monitoring HR processes in line with the modern business environment? We offer you the software systems which will ensure the answers to all the important personnel issues are impeccably organized and easily accessible, be it the current month payroll calculations or the profile of the employee you will need to hire in order to successfully realize plans for the next quarter. Software solutions are not definitive, but constantly improving and adapting to the needs of users. Make the process of monitoring the needs and development of your employees easier and more efficient, so your focus can stay on achieving business success.

  • HR Database

By using this software solution you are creating a system in which the information about your current and future employees is always at your fingertips. You can have a detailed overview of your team members’ needs and progress, and also monitor recruitment and selection of new candidates before they are hired. The days of looking for information buried in archived paper folders are long gone – use our software solutions to completely master the HR processes.

  • HR Administration

Nowadays it is inexcusable to use multiple software for completing a single task, just as it is unthinkable to have your records scattered across multiple locations. By using our HR administration software you will finally have everything in one place. It will make managing your obligations towards the workers and the authorities easier; this includes drafting employment contracts, JPR forms for registration and deregistration of employees, orders and decisions, keeping accurate employee records, calculating and paying salaries and taxes, and much more. The result: saving time and money, and getting a cutting-edge solution for administration of the least exciting part of doing business.

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