Recruitment and Selection Services

Finding and hiring the best candidates is a decisive step for each and every employer regarding sustainable and long-term business development. Nowadays, people are the most valuable resource and competitive advantage at the market. 

By taking advantages of highly-professional and efficient recruitment and selection services, you are: 

  • minimizing risk of inadequate selection of future employees
  • saving time and money
  • ensuring required and preferable competences 
  • investing in a future growth of human potential of your company 

Our team, of 10 experienced recruiters will deliver the best candidates for the sake of your long-term benefits and the fastest way to return your investment. Just in line with our motto – People make it happen!  

Additional guaranties: 

  • Experienced and agile recruiters with well-founded clients network 
  • Deep knowledge of regional market, especially in the field of hospitality
  • The largest job seekers database (50k+)
  • Business aligned evaluation and selection techniques  
  • Best-in-class selection and psychological testing instruments  

We are doing our best, not just to solve your deficiency, but to enhance your business opportunities.  

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