Development Center

If you think your team could be much better with a bit of practice, the services of our Development Center are at your disposal. Your employees will get the opportunity to review the current strengths and weaknesses and begin working on developing the skills necessary for a successful business.

In Development Center we provide an opportunity for attendees to experience possible work situations; by solving them, they gain valuable knowledge and get a clear display of their own abilities. The process consists of tasks that may include thematic presentations, analyses of business situations and role playing, among other exercises. To properly design the content and make the most out of the work we do at the Center, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis of the company’s existing and future needs for specific skills and abilities. An important method for the preparation and implementation of the Center’s program is psychometric testing.

The processes we offer at the Center last one to three days, during which we aim to:

  • Create measurable and personalized development plans for your employees
  • Encourage the development of managers' leadership skills, focusing on communication, delegation, planning, employee evaluation, and managing stressful and conflict situations
  • Identify in-house talent and provide them with the support for further development

We are ready to continue communicating with your team after the program ends, as well as to support you in planning and implementing the reorganization of your personnel.

If you want practical preparation to get your team ready for the real challenges, contact us at ­­­­­