Career Center

Your formal schooling is not complete yet, but you want to know what to expect in the labor market? You believe that professional and career development does not have to wait to start after you get a diploma? Or you already have a career, but you want to switch from a stagnant industry to a field with better perspective? Career Center is here for you! We can help you connect with employers and find a job. In the meantime, our Center will help you acquire knowledge and a range of new skills, along with the confidence to apply those in practice. If you want to learn more about yourself, about the opportunities for employment and about the areas where you can give the greatest contribution, you are in the right place – do not hesitate to contact us.

Career Center is also a valuable resource for workers of older generation who want to adapt to market changes and find work in the growing service sector. We provide information about the necessary steps and qualifications, and help candidates in obtaining them.

Parents, keep in mind that the services of the Center can be very useful for your high-schoolers. If they are still not sure what they want to be when they grow up, here they can get all the tools necessary for making a good decision; if they already know, we will provide an opportunity for them to explore whether they made the right choice.

Career Center offers:

  • Joint analysis of your strengths and weaknesses (qualities and areas in need of improvement)
  • Introduction to the labor market – interactive, and based on concrete examples
  • Introduction to the working environment – you will learn what it means to be employed and to have working hours, what it looks like to work for one day in the profession of your choice, and what did not fit into the first impression you got during that day
  • Introduction to the educational programs necessary for achieving your career goals
  • Introduction to specific professions and their prospects in the country and the region
  • Support in the process of choosing a future career, which is one of the most important life decisions

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