Psychological Assessment

You find it difficult to bring the right people together and put them into ideal, organized and motivated teams? We can help! Take advantage of modern achievements in psychology to improve your business. We have a licensed team of experts who will use these tools to answer the most important questions: who is the right person to work in a specific workplace, what motivates your employees, whether people working for you share the values of your company, what are the strengths of your employees, which challenges you need to overcome, and what are the main development goals?

The methods we use for psychological assessment are:

  • Hogan

For more than three decades, Hogan test is establishing the global standards in successfully forecasting work efficiency. This psychological test is intended exclusively for the working population. Hogan Select, Develop and Lead series represent an integrated system of instruments with scientifically validated value, developed with an aim to help you manage human resources more effectively, and to retain and support your best talent.

  • Vienna Test System

Vienna Test System (VTS) consists of over 120 different tests of personality and abilities and provides highly objective and accurate results for describing multiple aspects of personality, often not included in traditional tests. VTS contains tests that result in information useful for the selection of candidates, personal development and career counseling; tests to assess safety in industry and transport (road, rail and air); tests measuring the ability to operate motor vehicles; tests to determine readiness for acceptance of the rules, and tests intended to measure the ability of athletes.

  • CogniPlus

CogniPlus system is designed for training cognitive abilities. Connection to VTS method enables measuring a specific cognitive ability, then training to improve that ability and at the end re-evaluating to show the progress that has been achieved.

  • Big Five plus Two

This test is the result of years of research in the field of personality structure. It provides an assessment by using different areas of applied psychology, and is a common tool in the selection process – originally standardized for the population of the former Yugoslavia, and later for the one of Serbia. It shows information about the candidate's emotional stability, communication quality, levels of sociability and diligence, attitude towards commitments, openness to new experiences, etc.

By using these methods we make our estimate quite reliable, reducing the possibility of error to a minimum.

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