Assessment Center

With our help, you have found the ideal candidate, but you would like to immediately find out what exactly he / she can do for your company? No problem! When assessing the candidates whose skills will come to the fore by working in your company, we want to be completely sure that we made the best choice. Therefore, we simulate work environment in our Assessment Center. After psychometric testing, candidates go through different situations and tasks such as presentations on given topics, case studies, and observation of the problem in the role they should take in the new workplace. We monitor and analyze candidates’ reactions, whereas the results reliably predict how well certain candidates can fit into your team and to what extent will they be dedicated to their new position.

Services of the Center can also be used to estimate the power of your existing team, as well as for planning responses to the challenges you are currently facing. In this way, you will strengthen the capacities of your company and create preconditions for future success. You know which difficulties you are facing - why not make sure your people can quickly and skillfully come up with solutions?

What do you gain by using the Assessment Center?

  • Useful information about the strengths and weaknesses of candidates
  • The ability to compare candidates and make the best decision for your company

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